Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Where it all began

Childhood. For most of us, our childhoods were filled with wonderful memories. Memories of our family, friends, and new experiences. We may think about our first swimming lesson or perhaps the first time we rode a bike. We remember the injuries; scraped knees and broken bones. We also remember the tears of sadness and the tears of joy. For many of us, we also remember the things that defined our adolescent era. This included TV shows, toys, and games. For me, as well as Zoe, a large part of our childhood was defined by Nintendo.

Enter the imagination of a child and you will find many, many things. Perhaps a vivid picture of their world and surroundings, but more so, a curiosity for the unknown. When the Nintendo was released, many of us yearned to explore and get lost in the 8-bit world of games and adventure. The original Nintendo system provided kids everywhere with a creative outlet. A way for us to open our minds and connect to something personal. Games became our refuge; often the reason for missed school and the perfect anecdote for a rainy summer afternoon.

Zoe and I were avid childhood gamers. Although we did not know each other as children, we both received our original Nintendo system at the same time in life; Christmas of 1989. Nintendo was booming, and offered constant excitement as new games were released. I flipped through the pages of Nintendo Power as if it were my most sacred worldly possession, and put posters on my wall of the characters I grew to love. I guess you can say that was when we fell in love with gaming, and it would begin a lifelong affair of sorts. Fast forward 22 years, and not only was our love for the 8-bit era revived, but Retro Gamer Girls was founded and we are here to stay.

From the twisted wires to the blowing into the cartridges, we defined that young generation of gamers. There was nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning, still decked out in your 80's pajamas and eating Kix and playing Paperboy. Or perhaps you remember the laughing dog in Duck Hunt mocking your inadequate Zapper skills. Whatever your childhood memories of Nintendo may be, hold onto them. Because it's up to us to keep it alive. Maybe your gaming experiences began with Intellivision or Atari; and in my opinion, all the more reason to celebrate! So bathe in the nostalgia, and remember your roots. I know we do!